You can improve your eyesight - all you need to do is change your vision habits!

Our vision is constantly changing

Yes, you read it right. Our vision is constantly changing during the day.

Don't believe it? Let's do a little experiment. For the next 30 seconds, stop blinking, stare at one point, squint your eyes real hard, and tense your facial and neck muscles.

What has just happened? I bet your vision became blurry. Now release the tension and start moving and blinking again - the blurriness you've just experienced will go away.

Compare squinting and relaxed face

What you just did was under your conscious control. The problem is that you may squint or tense your neck muscles unconsciously during the day when you want to see something better. There are a lot of other unconscious habits that may affect your vision in positive or negative ways.

This website will help you identify the habits that can help you improve your eyesight.

"The bad eyesight is genetic. You can't improve it!"

This is a very common myth, actually. Indeed, maybe the bad eyesight is just bad genes, a "gift" from our parents who also wore glasses?

Unfortunately, the hereditary theory just does not stand up. In Taiwan, for example, the rate of myopia (nearsightedness) in young children increased from 5% to 25% over a span of only two decades! The genes would never change that fast.

Eyesight improvement - an evolutionary perspective

To better understand good vision habits, let's take a look at how we evolved during the evolution.

Let's say someone decides to change his lifestyle from this:

Prehistoric man lifestyle

to this:

Modern man lifestyle

Don't you think this change would somewhat affect his vision? Just a tiny bit?

Let's have a look at how prehistoric man used his eyes and how we can use this information to our advantage.

Eyesight improvement tips from an evolutionary point of view

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