Eye-Opener: peripheral vision training app

When we work on a computer or read a book, quite often we tend to concentrate too much on a very narrow area in our visual field.

That creates a tension, both mental - in our mind - and physical - in the muscles around our eyes and neck.

This app is designed to expand your visual field and reduce this tension.

When you work on a computer, place your phone within a hand's reach somewhere in your peripheral vision.

You should be able to see the phone if you shift your eyes without moving your head.

Tap the start button and start working on the computer.

After a while the app will show a moving bar. When you detect the movement in your peripheral vision tap the screen of your phone.

The moving bar will disappear and a new cycle will start. Continue working on the computer.

If you wait too long after the moving bar appears and don't tap the screen, the app will notify you with a sound or vibration.

You can set up the reaction time - how much time you need to react before the sound starts.

In the beginning, you may feel distracted. That's ok. Your brain needs time to unlearn this bad habit of staring too much in one spot. Be patient!

After a while, you will find this new way of seeing much more dynamic and comfortable. After all our ancestors survived because they had excellent peripheral vision!