Eyesight improvement tip #1
Improve your peripheral vision

The human eye has two types of vision:

  1. foveal vision - which provides a clear and colorful picture but is very narrow (about 5% of the visual field),
  2. peripheral vision - which is broad and detects very well the movement but provides mostly grey picture.

Our ancestors survived because their eyes had excellent peripheral vision. Try to detect prey or predators if all you can see is a tiny 5% area that cannot detect the movement!

With the exception of driving, the survival of a modern man does not depend as much on his peripheral vision.

When we work or study, we tend to concentrate too much on a tiny area in our visual field - we use mostly our foveal vision. This creates tension - both mental and physical. We stress our minds, and we stress our eye and neck muscles.

Healthy vision tips:

Move as much as you can during the day. The research has shown that self-initiated movement (when you walk or run) is beneficial for eyesight.

When you work on the computer or read a book, make sure you have some movement happening in your peripheral vision. You can experiment with a wobble chair, a balance board, a stair stepper, or a treadmill and see if anything works for you.

Another great way to make sure your peripheral vision is engaged is to use our mobile app Eye-Opener:

Eyesight improvement tips from an evolutionary point of view