Eyesight improvement tip #4
Stop wearing glasses

Our eyes will adapt to whatever lenses you put in front of them. If a person with normal eyesight starts wearing −5.0 diopter glasses, sooner or later he will develop myopia. Depending on different factors, this myopia may or may not be reversible.

Most archaeologists agree - glasses from 50,000 years ago are yet to be found. Prehistoric men didn't wear glasses. Does this mean they had perfect vision 100% of the time? Not necessarily.

During the day, our vision constantly changes. It worsens if you are stressed or tired or didn't sleep well. It improves if you are rested, slept well, and feel good.

If you never wore glasses, these variations happen near the point of good vision - 20/20, when your eyes have a perfect round shape.

So why are glasses bad? Let's say you feel a lot of stress recently, and your vision is sometimes blurry. Officially you have a condition called transient myopia.

Being worried about it, you decide to go and see an optometrist. And at the precise moment when the vision test is performed, your eyesight happens to be −1.0 diopters. So the optometrist prescribes −1.0 diopter glasses, and you start wearing them full-time. A happy end of the story? Not really.

Do you remember how our eyes will adapt to whatever lenses we put in front of them? Now the variations in your vision described above (better at rest, worse when tired) will only happen at the point −1.0 diopter. By wearing glasses, you don't give your eyes a chance to reverse to their original shape - the one they had before you started to feel stressed and decided to go to the optometrist.

Whatever caused the stress may go away, but it may be too late. Your eyes already adapted to the new reality of the constant wear of corrective lenses. Next time you feel stressed and your vision gets blurry, you will need stronger glasses...

Healthy vision tips:

Progressively reduce the refractive power of your glasses. Depending on the type of activity and if you are in a safe environment, you may want to take them off completely. Give your eyes a chance to reverse to their original round shape!

There may be legal requirements to wear glasses if you drive. Most jurisdictions, however, allow driving with vision 20/50 or 20/40.

Eyesight improvement tips from an evolutionary point of view