More healthy habits to improve your eyesight

Recently I published a blog post with a list of good habits that can help improve health and well-being. Some of the habits are directly related to the eyesight, for example: I invite you again to check the full list of good healthy habits. Some of them may help you improve your vision quickly.

We updated the website design

We updated the to the latest Bootstrap 5. Now it is more mobile friendly and it also looks fantastic! We also improved the user experience when it comes to signing up, resetting password and other tiny little things related to the accounts.

Eyesight Improvement Resources

We have a new section on our website – Eyesight Improvement Resources. In this section we started to collect the links to other websites that promote natural eyesight improvement. A lot of information from these websites overlaps, but there are also some differences. Most of the resources are modified versions of the Bates method.

Our mobile app Eye-Opener is out on Android and iOS

We are happy to announce that our mobile app Eye-Opener is now available on both operating systems for mobile devices: iOS and Android. The app helps you expand your peripheral vision. It also reduces unnecessary tension when you perform tasks that require a lot of concentration, such as working on the computer or reading a… Continue reading Our mobile app Eye-Opener is out on Android and iOS