Move frequently with Eye-Opener

If you saw the list of good healthy habits on, you probably noticed that the very first habit is to “move frequently”.

Moving regularly in really crucial to maintaining good health, including eyesight. If you are interested in all the science that supports this claim, I highly recommend you read the book “Exercised” by Daniel Lieberman.

One idea from this book that really got stuck in my head is that the problem with sitting at the desk is not that sitting per se is bad. The problem with sitting is that we remain in the same position for prolonged periods of time and this is bad. So even if you have to sit a lot during the day, but constantly move or change your position, your chances to remain healthy are much higher.

Today I want to talk about how you can use the mobile app Eye-Opener to help you move more frequently especially if you work a lot on a computer.

As you know, the main purpose of Eye-Opener is to help you improve your peripheral vision.

You probably remember that I recommend putting your mobile device within your hand’s reach when you practice with Eye-Opener. As soon as you notice the change of the pattern in the bar’s movement, you extend your hand and tap the screen.

However, you can make this exercise even more challenging – you can put your cell phone much further away, so you CAN’T reach it with your hand. This way, each time you need to tap the screen, you will need to change your body position, for example, stand up a little bit, lean forward, extend your hand much further, etc.

As you can see, with a minimum adjustment, you can practice not only your eyesight, but your whole body.

I suggest you test how this works for you.